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KITIKITI Skin and Scalp Treatment with Aloe (Oily)

Designed with a combination of ingredients to aid in the control of scalp disorders and funguses • Promotes healing and aids in control of funguses • The oily state helps to allow the salicylic acid and sulfur to last longer on the scalp and skin to aid in the treatment of scalp and skin disorders  • Allows the scalp to go longer without the reoccurrence of the small white scales • Prevents dryness and promotes healing with: • Panthenol • Aloe • Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate) • Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate 


KITIKITI Skin and Scalp Treatment with Aloe

(Non -Oily)

Designed with a combination of ingredients to aid in the control of the scalp disorders and funguses • Aids in the control of facial bumps (folliculitis) and scalp bumps • Promotes healing and aids in the control of fungus • Retards the growth of fungus from growing back • Leaves the skin with an invigorated feeling of cool tingling sensations • Controls itching • Prevents dryness and promotes healing.                                                                         


 KITIKITI Medicated Treatment Shampoo


Is highly concentrated, lathers easily and rinses well. It's designed to be as close to a prescription shampoo as possible and controls eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, seborrhea, dry scalp and itchy scalp. Aloe's added as a conditioning agent and it does not dry out the hair. KitiKiti adds moisture but does not tangle or mat hair. 

KITIKITI Conditioner I with Aloe! 

Premium Medicated Treatment Conditioner I is designed to be as close to a prescription strength as possible. It aids in hair growth, retarding and removal of the small white scales from the scalp and promotes healing and aids in the control of scalp fungus, etc. KitiKiti Prevents hair breakage and adds moisture and conditioning agents Olive Oil and Glycerin to add sheen.                                     




KITIKITI Conditioner II with Aloe! 

Premium Medicated Treatment Conditioner •  Maximum Strength • Designed for more severe problems • Coal Tar penetrates the scalp • Designed to be as close to prescription strength as possible • Conditioning Agents: • Olive Oil and Glycerin add sheen • Aloe prevents breakage and promotes   healing • Quaternary Complex adds moisture • Coal Tar, Salicylic Acid and Sulfur used in combination makes Conditioner II more effective  




  Relaxer Burns                 Dandruff                 Eczema                

      Facial Bumps                 Psoriasis                    Hair Bumps
           Keyloids               Razor Bumps              Thinning Hair

Designed for minor scalp irritations caused by fungus and hair bumps, Kitikiti Scalp and Skin Treatment is scientifically formulated to help control scalp irritations caused by fungi such as Eczema, Psorlasis and Seborrhea. Dandruff, and hair bumps are also treated and prevented by using KitiKiti products.  


This product contains a special blend of ingredients that retard the thinning of hair caused by harsh chemicals, while controlling "under-hair" flaking in the scalp, eyebrows, the beard and mustache.


You invest a lot of money and time in keeping your hair looking fresh and stylish. But a lot of today’s styles are not necessarily good for your scalp. That is why we’ve developed the full treatment hair care product called, KitiKiti. 


KitiKiti is formulated to keep your scalp healthy and to control and prevent skin conditions, such as: Excessive dandruff and flaking, Relaxer burns, Thinning Hair, Psoriasis-Eczema-Seborrhea, Hair bumps and facial bumps, Keyloids, Fungus (skin & hair).  Apply KitiKiti before using the harsh chemicals.   An application prior to styling, can prevent the skin eruptions or itchy scalp that sometimes accompany: Freeze styles . French rolls . Wraps . Braids . Curls . Perms . Close clipper cuts and shaves.