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Custom Skin Wefts


To order select your desired length and complete the custom skin weft order form.  Custom SKIN WEFTS take 4 to 8  weeks to customize.



Skin Weft Hair extension is seamless without bumps when it is completed.  Easy to apply. Skin weft extensions lie flat to the head and feel just like your natural hair.  The Skin Weft Extension are approximately  4oz, 34 to 39 Inches length track, 1/2inch wide.  Skin wefts are made with hand-knotted human hair on a very thin mesh base.  Skin Wefts are great for adding lengths and fullness. These wefts are very flat and when placed on the hair it disappears and gives the illusion of growing from the scalp.  The Skin Weft Hair Extension adds volume and length to your existing hair; you may even do a full head using just the Skin Wefts!  It can be used to make your hair look thicker (due to thinning or damaged hair), or longer!  It is truly the most natural type of hair extension on the market.  It is very versatile and allows you to cut and apply to preferred sections.   It is truly the latest and best in hair extensions and the only type that can be sewn, taped or glued into your own hair or scalp that lays flush or flat.  You can use it in thinning areas, bald areas with medical adhesive or anywhere you want.  It is versatile and represents the latest advancement in the hair extension industry. Can be attached for daily wear, or permanent attachment.  It is great for thinning hair, baldness or those that have a full head of hair but are looking to add volume or length!  You can create those dynamic hair styles of the celebrities with these incredible hair extensions.



Directions to apply:  First, part hair on scalp into sections where application is desired.  Second, peel off backing on the skin weft extension tape and apply to section on the head where added hair is desired.  Third, apply by pressing the double-sided tape against the hair section  (apply to very upper part of the hair sectioned, not directly on scalp).  You're Finished!  Its that simple and completly invisible!  Looks like the hair is growing from your scalp giving an all-natural appearance.  You can even wash your hair with no problem, sleep on it, and finally enjoy your everyday activities.